The Cabin In Billygoat Hollow


When I was a little boy, I had a billygoat tethered to a stake on my parents 3 acre lot and home near Pinto Maryand.  The goat ate everything in sight and cleared our lot adjacent to our house...kind of like a living brush hog. One night late in September a pack of wild dogs came down off the mountain and attacked my billygoat...biting her severely on the spine.  My dad nursed her for days, but the wound became infected and she became weaker and unresponsive.  My dad came to me and said we will have to put her out of her misery,  At the sound of the gunshot my eyes filled with tears and we gathered her up and transported her to a hollow about one half mile up the mountain.  There under a big hollow log beneath a shale cliff next to a stream, we laid her to rest.  Little did I know at the time that someday I'd build my dream log cabin above that burial spot.  We called this hollow, "Billygoat Hollow.

To build a log cabin on a small piece of ground, on a hill, near a mountain stream and in the woods, sounds like something out of the 1800's Come along with Kathy, Hunter and I as we "blog" our way through the planning, designing and construction of our Crockett Log Home.

We've always wanted to design and build a log home and now the dream is coming true. One warm spring day, our dream began and is now moving right along. 

We hope this may help you someday, if you should ever decide to have a go at a log home. Follow us as we take you on a most interesting journey.